Monday, November 26, 2007

#23 Is this really the end? Or just the beginning ...

I've done it!
- I've reached my final goal just as Helen Reddy did many many years ago!

I am thrilled that I have managed to complete the program . I actually did the program at home as time was not readily available at work and also my 'cursing & swearing' was more suited to the home environment once the children were in bed!. I did confer with colleagues at work though so a "BIG THANK-YOU" to all those who offered words of advice and encouragement - you know who you are!

I found the course gave me the opportunity to learn about and access information and internet tools which I would otherwise never have known existed! Youtube was a special highlight for me as I had great fun rediscovering my childhood favourites!

My family are also thrilled that I have finished as this means 'Mum' will no longer be 'hogging' the computer!

Hopefully it is just the beginning for me at delving into the 'unknown'.

PS. I would also like to say thank-you to the coordinators of Library2.0.

It would have been a massive job for you and all your hard work is greatly appreciated.

#22 Audiobooks (or "The end is in sight ")

What a great addition to public libraries - downloadable audiobooks.

Can't say I was impressed by the titles that I came across through the links in the discovery exercise - a few too many classics for my liking. But the potential is there and I think library patrons would greatly enjoy access to such services through their local library.

I must say, I did enjoy listening to the "Tale of Peter Rabbit"
- once a Children's Librarian, always a Children's Librarian!

By towert7

#21 Podcasts, Smodcasts!

Well, podcasts are my answer to what will I learn next after Learning2.0!
- it's time to go back to basics.
I have added a feed from
to my Bloglines account.
Who knows what other podcasts I'll find along the way?

#20 You too can YouTube


Managed to find lots of childhood memories and managed to waste lots of time doing so!
Some further "inspiration" to get me to the end of Learning2.0!

#19 Discovering Web 2.0 tools

My past studies in geography, drew me to the
where I investigated the following 2 sites

The results of my investigations can be seen in the side panel of this blog!

#18 Web-based Apps: They're not just for desktops

Time to create another account - this time with

Zoho Writer.!

Managed to post the following document (sentence) in my blog from Zoho Writer:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogundecided

(Due to time constraints the document was kept short and sharp!)

#17 Playing around with PBWiki

Been there, done that!
No worries about this excercise - interesting and easy!
I always did enjoy playing in the sandbox!